Kieran Sullivan

Kieran Sullivan is a singer/songwriter and record producer based out of Jersey CIty, NJ.  Kieran grew up between Hillsdale, NJ and Nassau Bahamas.  From his early childhood in Nassau, Kieran's first musical experiences were rooted in the church at St. Anslems parish in Fox Hill, Nassau, where his father was once a priest. 

The church in the islands had a profound effect on the Kieran's music, spirituality, and overall evolution as a human being and artist.  He learned to sing pslams and play the hymns on piano and organ with his grandmother Cecilia.  During his formative in Hillsdale, NJ, a suburb of New York City, rock and roll, heavy metal, and blues became the center focus along with guitar and bass playing.  However the sounds of gospel, rake and scrape, calypso, and reggae have always been in the waves of his energy.  

Kieran has toured internationally with various bands,  written and co-written over 60 published works, and produced over a a dozen records for various artists.

Currently Kieran has been touring as a singer-songwriter throughout the US and Europe, and as the front man for up and coming New York City based roots rock reggae band CC Roots.

Kieran is an active member of BMI and owner of his music publishing company K Rizza Productions. 


Interview with Lynn Hazan of Chic Pea JC

"The songs were well written and exhibited excellent musicianship. Sullivan’s vocals aren’t too shabby either!"- Tim Louie, The Aquarium (Aug 11, 2010)

"Sullivan's a supple and inventive guitarist, picking out captivating lead parts on his acoustic, while Soares harmonized on vocals and added sparse but tasty synth chordings to accent the melodies."- Jim Testa, NJ.COM (May 14, 2010)

"The line of fans that went around the corner seemed to grab the attention of some astute members of the NYPD."- Stephen Bailey, Cultural Exchange Advocate (Nov 27, 2010)